Our family exists because of Jesus. As such, our family lives for Jesus. And that means we live to love Him and love others.

Our Mission

In its simplest form, our desire is to build healthy communities made of people who have learned their true value and identity, and are willing to live for a reason bigger than themselves. 

By helping people to understand their own stories, and by (re)introducing people to the story of Jesus, we aim to see people restored to God, restored to one another, and restored in themselves.

Do you have questions about God? Have you ever wondered why so many people follow a two-millenia old Jewish peasant carpenter? Are you looking to understand who you are and why you exist? Get in touch - we think a cup of tea, a good story, and a listening ear will help you on the way.

Our History

We met in England in 2003. One of us (Jonny) was born and raised in the Birmingham area of England, whilst the other (Sarah) grew up in America. 

We married in 2004 and spent the first 12 years of our life together in Idaho. 3 children, 4 houses, 1 church, and a mammoth 7 month roadtrip later, the Griffiths family is relocating to Cheltenham, England.

We are part of Foursquare Missions International, and we both have credentials with the Foursquare Church.


Our Habits

Everything is worship. We're learning how to delight in the things of earth as we seek to enjoy God through them. Some of the avenues of delight include music (making + listening), books, games, theater + the arts, shared meals, camping + hiking, Lego, and occasionally keeping chickens or tending a garden.