As we begin the support raising process, we're getting some great questions. We will update this section as new ones come up, so let us know if you need something answered, whether it's about All In Griffs, missions in general, or our sending group, Foursquare Missions International.

What are your support raising goals?

Before we are deployed, we need to build relationships with partners who will share in the mission we are going on. Those partners will be both individuals and local churches, and sometimes businesses, who commit to financial support and prayer covering. Our goals during support raising are:

1) To build relationships and strengthen local churches by engaging with people about the global mission of the church.
2) To raise sufficient financial support and prayer covering for healthy, long-term deployment.

We are looking to build a team, and we want you to be a part of that team.

What is the best way to support the work of All In Griffs?

You can become a monthly financial partner by signing up at FMI

Monthly pledges make it easier for us to steward and plan with the resources God is entrusting us with. Monthly pledges will also get us to the field quicker as they can be counted towards our first year goal before they have been received.

If you want to give by check instead, here's a coupon with instructions to print out.


How much money do you need to raise?

Before deployment, we have to raise $40,000 in startup costs (that includes travel, visa fees, relocation, vehicle purchase in the UK, taxes for the USA), and our monthly support goal is $9,708 per month.

Whilst that is a lot of money in the US, the exchange rate greatly reduces the reach of those funds in the UK. That total is broken into three categories - personal support, ministry expense, and contingency funds. 

Our budget is overseen by FMI leadership and has been approved for the ministry proposal we have submitted.

Are gifts given to All In Griffs federally deductible?

FMI is a registered non-profit organization. All donations given in support of All In Griffs through Foursquare Missions International are tax deductible. Giving can be done directly here.

How long is the support raising period?

FMI will not send missionaries to the field until they are 100% funded. What this means is that all of the startup funds (travel, visa, initial setup in-country, etc.) are received, and that all of the first year budget has been received or pledged by monthly donors.

We are anticipating a six month period to do this, which is fast, but there is also the sense it may happen even faster! FMI actually gives missionaries 18 months from board approval, before a review takes place to ascertain why it is taking longer than normal to raise funds.


Is what you are doing starting in January standard procedure with FMI for missionaries beginning their project?

Yes, in terms of the support raising process, though most are encouraged not to quit their jobs and sell their homes until they've hit 75% funded. Of course, that slows down the capacity for fund raising and building a partnership team. Our situation as pastors, and with me having served as the senior pastor, gives us a broad network of churches and should result in a quicker deployment. Senior pastors deploying as full-time missionaries are the exception, not the rule.