Ready? GO!

Where did the time go? I swear it was just last week that Mike Little, caretaker extraordinaire at St John's Primary School, asked us about starting a Sunday School for the children in the school community. And now we're just ten days out from launch! In recognition of this imminent event, here's a video we made to advertise Journey Kids.

Pretty fun, huh? We especially enjoyed spending time with Juliette Moxham, head teacher at the school, and Patrick Wheaton, vicar of St Luke's Church. We're partnering with St Luke's to see this initiative through, which is also the local church community we are a part of as we establish our lives in Cheltenham. 

We've experienced massive encouragement from our friends here in town, so even though the workload is huge, and in our most honest moments we recognize that we have no idea what we've gotten ourselves into, we are just giddy with excitement!

Please pray for us - launch date is September 17th and we are leading a school assembly on September 11th to serve the school, connect with the students and let them know about Journey Kids!