It is the fifth day of our arrival in England. The adjustment has been a little harder and a lot slower than we expected. Jet lag is a beast. 

But we are here, praying in the country we have been praying for! It is so good to see family again after three years, and the boys are having a wonderful time getting to know their cousins and Aunty Dee, along with spending in-person time with Nana and Grandad.

Though our expeditions into the world are limited whilst we make arrangements for car insurance and look to purchase a vehicle, we have had a few great moments with people. Of special note is Caroline. She works for Johnsons Coaches. She met us (with my parents) at London Heathrow and valiantly packed all our belongings in her van to get us back to the Birmingham area.

She was patient, kind, and extremely welcoming - an absolute gem of a person and a real help after a long journey from Idaho! Thank you, Caroline, for taking such great care of our family and making the last leg of the journey so smooth. Even when one of our kids needed an emergency bathroom break!

Over the next week, more work will be done getting bank accounts reactivated for Jonathan and hopefully we will begin the hunt for a vehicle. After that, we can start looking at rental properties in Cheltenham and getting the boys settled into a new routine for home education and adventures with Jesus in England. 

Keep those prayers going up for us. We are more aware than ever that without Jesus, we can do nothing. But he has us and we follow him. So what can stop us?